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In an image representative of all the world, Nike is one of the world most people recognize the signs . To understand the success of Nike and corporate culture , understanding its logo is essential , because it is for the Nike brand has become ubiquitous a commercial logo. Because it is too well known that in the Nike ad I saw the Nike logo, but do not see the name of the company , because they have a full grasp of people see this symbol that know this is Nike,nike jordan do not need a single word piece language . It became a cultural icon , a Nike used to increase brand value, reputation, and status icons . No one sporting goods company's brand as it is so well known. To prove this point , Just ask anyone what the Reebok logo is . They might mind a blank. In fact, the Reebok logo with a " vector " represents , it just was not ready , so that consumers know or want to see it . Nike with advertisers to post and under Kennedy (wicden Kemledy) cooperation and hope that this Gogo logo is clearly visible in all advertisements. The company's advertising and marketing budget , estimated to be about up to 10 % of annual income , just to sign seared it engraved in the minds of consumers .

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Why is this so important symbol for Nike 's corporate culture ? Reason is that it 's ancient wisdom and the United States " just do it " (Just Do It) are inseparable. Nike does not sell shoes , it sold a way of life , which is the key to its success . The logo for the inspiring and motivation and determination behind this philosophy is that everyone associated with , whether you are not athletes. Nike use one kind of inspirational style of language to motivate consumers. No matter who you are, what your hair or skin color is , you suffered physical or social life, what limitations , Nike convince consumers that you can do . It tells people to pull ourselves together , grasp the steering wheel of life and action. In the " just do it " ad behind , is a very American-style ideology ; However , nike shoes with the progress of globalization, the original ideology of what the United States into a common desire around the world , eager to there is a level playing field , allowing people not only in sports , but in every aspect of life is a struggle short length . This can be traced back to early American pioneer spirit , and their desire for success. Nike is undoubtedly the great American dream of global marketing and promotion of their work ethic ; Nike tells its customers , if you are determined , unremitting struggle , you will surpass others , to conquer all . Borrowed by such methods , namely the use of people's fervent desire for success , Nike has also created its own kind of personality and attitude . Through clever use of a very simple ad punch line , it succeeded in an attitude toward life will be integrated into the commodities they sell .
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