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As the saying goes , " The waves pushed forward waves ." Nike victory over former opponents also had to face the challenges emerging out of the sporting goods company . In the past 10 years, New Balance 's market share has been steadily growing. When sports shoes manufacturers to seize the youth market , yet the market positioning of new balance in middle-aged consumers. New Balance is very aware of their customer base . From its inception , the company has never deviated from demographic data . Meanwhile, the new balance is not a listed company, so do not withstand the pressure from Wall Street stock market. It can get rapid development is not surprising.

Nike's dominance in the victory over a strong opponent after another established . For example , as a rising star , Nike has faced great pressure Adidas . The company is its founder - German Adi Dassler (Adi Dassler) named , is the world 's oldest sporting goods manufacturer. On the 11th Olympic Games in 1936 , the distinguished African-American athlete Jesse Owens running shoes foot nike one stroke to win four gold medals . Since then , as the world's best track and field shoes , Adidas thriving for decades. In 1972 , the first available start selling Nike shoes . Over the next 20 years, gradually Nike , Adidas completely eaten lunch . Today , Adidas 's sales in the United States ranked only four , was Nike's far behind them . The problem is where?

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Adidas footwear marketing director Eric Liedtke said: "Adidas designer in the design of sports shoes, do not know who the potential buyers are not familiar with the customer , and this is the crux of Adidas : it has been in the manufacture of good shoes , but substandard consumer tastes . " for example , Adidas introduced its unique ClimaCool ventilation system , this new technology lets the whole sneaker industry very impressed , but sales are flat light , apparently because of the color and style too monotonous . Liedtke said: "Adidas to the world-renowned brand of high quality and durable , but charming enough ." As a marketing strategy , the company has specially invited customers to seek their views , they asked some of the children, said: "If someone wearing Adidas participate party, they will come and in what areas? "The kids said the boy wearing Adidas shoes will mix together in a pile of boys talk about girls , but boys but had to wear Nike shoes and girls together.

Nike 's influence in football and Adidas have a larger gap. Adidas is the World Cup , European Cup sponsors, and to provide the World Cup, European Cup , Champions League , Bundesliga and other events with the ball, and the Adidas contract stars , among them, David Beckham, Messi, Kaka, Xavi, Villa so the popular star, and Adidas sponsor Real Madrid , AC Milan , Liverpool , Chelsea, Bayern 's football giants , Nike wants in football than Adidas also need to pay a lot of effort.
Athletes have a problem facing every day is how to overcome self , to maximize their potential . And in order to remain invincible in the fierce competition in the market , Nike also need to think about this issue carefully .
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